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2023-03-24 09_23_54-Vinarija Jovanov_ Šarmantna vinarija na Korčuli koju želimo posjetiti.

A charming winery on Korčula that we want to visit this summer

February 2023

Wines are paired with food, so the winery also offers cold plates containing only local products, i.e. everything that can be found at small family farms nearby.

If you plan to visit Korčula in the spring or summer, Vinarija Jovanov in Blato is our warm recommendation.

The Jovanov winery is unforgettably charming, just like their wines

August 2022

There's a lot I could say about how much I like this winery, its services, and its wines. But the best part of the experience is enjoying the beautiful surroundings, food, stories, and especially the wine without any expectations. The Jovanov Winery is a great hidden spot that combines everything nicely and is likely to become more popular soon.

2023-03-24 09_19_07-Vinarija Jovanov i njihova vina nezaboravno su šarmantni.png
2023-03-24 09_26_23-Ljeto 2021._ Potpuno očarani Čarom i drugim mjestima, vinarijama i res

Summer 2021: Completely enchanted by Čara and other places, wineries and restaurants of Korčula

September 2021

Last year, I predicted that in five years, Matej Jovanov would become one of the top winemakers in the region. However, he has already exceeded my expectations, as his progress this year has been remarkable. Despite his hard work in the vineyard and cellar, Matej remains modest, calm, and full of praise for the island, its people, vines, and wines. In just six months, he transformed an old house into a wine bar and tasting room next to his vineyard, even organizing a few jazz concerts before he had to focus on the harvest. Like Diogenes, he roams Korčula's vineyards, generously sharing tips for producing a better quality drink, and earning the admiration of everyone who works with him.

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